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Lectures and dissertations

Academic teaching since retirement

 2008 The Roman imperial period.
2008/2009 Dionysos – Apollo; Aphrodite – Artemis: Polarity in myth and ethics of the ancient Greek polis society.
2009/2010 Late antiquity.
2010 Gender as subject matter – gender as perspective in Classical Archaeology.
2010/2011 South Italy and Sicily from the Bronze age to the Norman period.
2011/2012 Art and ritual. Ancient architecture and imagery in ritual contexts.
2012/2013 Just decorative? Ancient ornament and its meaning from the early near eastern cultures to the end of antiquity.
2013/2014 Historical continuity, break, and overlap: The acropolis of Athens from its beginnings to the present.
2014/2015 Ancient Crete.
2015/2016 The truth of myth. Greek mythological tale and its psychological, ethical, and social dimensions.
2016/2017 Voyages of Migration. Part I: Greek colonies on the Mediterranean coasts.
2017/2018 Voyages of Migration. Part II:
The impact of migration and trading between the Mediterranean and its broader environs, i.e. Phoenicia, Iberia, the Celts, and Scythians.
2018/2019 Voyages of Migration. Part III:
People, artefacts, and ideas on the move. Migrations from the time of Alexander to Late Antiquity.


Images at work. Structural relations between beholders and imagery. Case studies from the archaic period down to Late antiquity.

Cancelled due to Covid-19

2021/2022  The statue in Antiquity. History, meaning, and social functions of ancient statuary.



Odysseus. The early Greek society in the light or literary and archaeological sources.

Augustus: The arts, cults, and politics.

Archaeological thoughts on the decline and collapse of civilizations.

  Dissertations (PhD) supervised by L.S.: 

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Anja Eckert. 1998.
Ein Grab für Könige und Bürger. Studien zum monumentalen Tumulusgrab als Mittel der Selbstdarstellung mittelmeerischer Eliten vom 8. bis zum 6. Jh. v. Chr.
Dirk Steuernagel. 1995.
Menschenopfer und Mord am Altar. Untersuchungen zu Darstellungen griechischer Mythen in der etruskischen Grabkunst des 4. bis 1. Jahrhunderts v. Chr.
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