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Lambert Schneider – archaeologist


Archaeologist. Researcher on cultural history.

* January 26, 1943 in Berlin.




Father: Lambert Schneider, publisher. *April 18th, 1900 in Cologne; †May 26th, 1970 in Heidelberg.

Mother: Marion Schneider, née Schleuning. * June 23rd, 1903 in Berlin; † June 1, 2000 in Hamburg.

Maternal grandfather: Wilhelm Schleuning, Architect and archaeologist; Constructor; Inventor. *Oct. 7, 1857; †Sep 6, 1914.


1943-1961 Born in Berlin. Grew up in Heidelberg. Mediated by the American victorious powers, the family resides in one of the most beautiful houses in Heidelberg on the north bank of the Neckar until 1951.
From early childhood, in the years 1951/66, travelled with his parents and sometimes friends to southern Europe: to Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Greece.
1961 Graduate from high school Kurfürst-Friedrich-Gymnasium, Heidelberg.
1961-1968 Study of Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, Byzantine Culture and the History of Art at the universities of:

  • Heidelberg (1961/62).
  • New York (New York University, NYU: Institute of Fine Arts. 1963/64). Invitation to this one year stay by Volodja Leventon, a friend of the family.
  • Freiburg (1964/68). PhD with a thesis on Greek Sculpture: Asymmetrie griechischer Köpfe vom 5. Jahrhundert bis zum Hellenismus [Asymmetries in Greek Heads from 5th Century BC to Hellenism].
1968-1969 Researcher and teacher assistant at the Archaeological Institute of Bochum University.
1969-1970 Research travels through the USSR, granted by Deutsche Forschungs-Gemeinschaft (DFG).
Scholarship of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for further research on the subject of the Ph.D.-thesis and for publishing this work.
1970-1981 Married to Ursula Schneider, née Abel.
1971 Birth of his son Lambert Richard Schneider.
Since 1971
  • Assistant teacher at Hamburg University, Department of Archaeology and Cultural History of the Ancient Mediterranean.After a rather traditional academic education and corresponding research activities, focused mainly at aesthetics and style issues, from 1971 on new orientation towards social and political questions in the fields of archaeology and cultural history. Against notable resistance from the institutions of the field in the beginning, investigations on the basis of semiotic, structuralist and philosophical constructivist theorems on the following subject areas:
  • Archaic sculpture.
  • Gender iconography.
  • Thracian imagery.
  • Late antique imagery (see list of publications as well as teaching activity, even after retirement).
  • To these investigations on Greek and Roman antiquity proper, now also came research on the modern reception and use of antiquity, including scientific archeology itself (see list of publications).
Since 1979 Co-founder and editor of the journal “Hephaistos” (with B. Fehr, K.-H. Meyer, and H.-J. Schalles).
1979-1982 Life partner: Waltraud Helm (* January 26th, 1940; † April 9th, 1982; Teacher at Friedrich Robbe Institute – Rudolf Steiner School of Remedial Education).
1981 Habilitation with the study: Die Domäne als Weltbild. Wirkungsstrukturen der spätantiken Bildersprache.
Since then assistant professor at Hamburg University.
Since 1983 Living together with Monika Debes and her daughter Elisabeth Engel.

With P. Zazoff, in charge of the scientific cooperation and the exchange of teachers and students of the universities of Sofia (Bulgaria) and Hamburg.

Since 1986 Research project on the iconology of Thracian and Scythian imagery, financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Travels to the former USSR (Russia; Ukraine; Georgia; Armenia; Uzbekistan; Tajikistan; Kazakhstan), to Bulgaria and Romania (together with P. Zazoff). University excursions with students to Russia and Romania.
Since 1987
… in the cast collection of the Archaeological Institue, 1992.

Professor at the Archaeological Institute of Hamburg University; and also in charge of the cast collection of ancient sculpture at Hamburg University, Department of Classical Archaeology.





Since 1990 Married to Monika Debes-Schneider.
1992-1993 Guest professor at Freie Universität Berlin (FU), department of Classical Archaeology (deputy for A. Borbein). Winter term 1992/93 and Summer term 1993.
Since 1994 Correspondent fellow of German Archaeological Institute (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, DAI).
Since 1995 Topographical studies in Greece. Author of scientific art travel guides for DuMont-Verlag: Greek Mainland (together with Christoph Höcker); Crete; Peloponnese. See list of publications.
1996 Scholarship holder at the J.P. Getty Resarch Center for the History of Art and the Humanities at Santa Monica, CA. Research project: Greek inspired architecture in 19th century America.
1997-1999 Research projet on the interrelations between Greek and Thracian culture from 6th to 4th century B.C. Together with P. Zazoff (financed by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG).
1997-2008 Professor at Hamburg University, department of Classical Archaeology (Cultural History of the Ancient Mediterranean).
2008-2009 Full teaching program at Hamburg University.
2010 till today

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